Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Here's something for the speculators out there to ponder a bit.  If you are interested in reserving the the domain name "google.com" and decide that you'll settle for adding extra o's to the name for your site.  As of today, this means you'll need to reserve:


That's a Google with 58 o's in it.  58.

This means that a Google with 57 o's is worth the the 5-10 dollar domain name registration fee to someone out there and 56, and 55 and so forth.  You can verify this for yourself using any handy domain registration tool, just as bustaname.com

If this is the kind of value that unique words represent to us on the common web, we can start to think of this as a starting place for some of the future value that will be placed on locations in VR space.  I can't imagine the sort of land grab is ahead of us when a major organization opens the doors to a credible virtual space.  I hope everyone has their wagons ready.

If you want to say hi, I can be reached on Twitter:  @ID_R_McGregor.  Interested in VR / Oculus Rift?  Let me know below!

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